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"If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn’t thinking" ~ George Patton

The figurative dust is settling from what has been just an incredible awards season for Azul y Oro -- 13 awards for the olive oil and three awards for the wine.  One should be pleased with results such as those.  We are.  We are also grateful for the bountiful harvest, our crews, the mill, and our family and friends who not only helped on harvest day, but help by being our biggest fans and spreading the word about our product.  

We have been asked by numerous other producers how we accomplished this.  An awards season such as we have had also causes introspection and a look at the eight-page goal list that was compiled in January.   What was learned from that review?  

First, that half of those goals have been accomplished, so what then?  Stop and enjoy the summer?  No, we added more goals.  We looked at what did and didn't work and assessed how we can do things better.  Aren't we satisfied with this year's results?  Yes and no.  We strive for excellence in everything, so th…