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"Clever Tyrants are never punished" . . . Voltaire

Below is a quote from July of 2013 describing our experience with growing grapes and making wine:

"Of all of our crops, the grapes are the most work intensive and, if ignored for one moment, can turn on you like a mean girl at camp.  At every step of the wine making process, there is opportunity to fail -- from a miscalculation at harvest or a blown bung during spring to a leaking barrel to bad corks to exploding wine bottles -- the list is endless.  For whatever reason, though, the wine grapes are much like the child in any family that is difficult, fussy and throws tantrums; it seems Mother always loved them the most.  Making the wine (and drinking it) is a passion, a love which cannot be explained, and we are passionate about making extraordinary wine -- although it hasn't happened yet -- and nothing beats those moments when it all comes together and we get it right.  We are inching ever closer."
That was three years ago.  At that point, we had had grapevines in the gro…