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"There is no comeback without a setback"

It is a good day to be at the rancho.  The last of the awards in the olive oil competitions was announced today, and Azul y Oro was awarded a Gold Medal in the California State Fair 2015 Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition, thus bringing our combined medal total for the 2015 year to three gold medals and four silver medals for both of our olive oils.

Our story is not really about the medals, though.  Our story is about believing in one's self and believing in one's product, and that passion for delivering an exceptional product, focus, and perseverance will eventually win the day.

Wouldn't it have been better to have won all Gold Medals and Best of Class Awards?  Wouldn't it have been better to have had a larger yield?  Definitely, but we have to leave some excitement, happiness, and goals for other years.

One has only to scroll through the blog posts of the last year to read the discouraging, heartbreaking setbacks that occurred in this pursuit of excellence.   It is…