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“Goals are dreams with deadlines.” ― Diana Scharf

The rancho just received the good news that our 2014-15 olive oil has been certified extra virgin.  Besides the stewards of the rancho, possibly only one other person knows how much work went into bringing in a crop from last year -- possibly one of the most difficult growing seasons on record.  One has only to read the blog for the last year to catch a glimpse of discouraging news layered upon angst layered upon challenges from nature layered upon -- one gets the picture.  After a particularly cruel freak hail storm, it was thought the entire crop was destroyed.

And yet, we continued on toward our goal, which was seemingly ridiculous to most, because we were focused on achieving extra virgin certification when most people kept commenting that they couldn't see any olives.  We could, though, and persevered on through snakes, construction, battles against other pests, low crop yields, coyote attacks, and finding a mill that would accept us with a low crop yield.

The ranch manager …