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"The best ideas lose their owners and take on lives of their own." ~ N. Bushnell ~

As followers of our blog have realized by now, so far, this is not our year.  We have experienced numerous roadblocks thrown in our way, from working around our existing construction to different standards of excellence on the part of those we've chosen to work with us in achieving our goals.  However one views it, there has been a lot going on at the rancho, and yet, our focus remains on completing the construction of the ranch house, nurturing our newly planted 120 olive trees, continue to nurture our existing vines and olives, and moving forward with our business plan.

The latter is the most difficult goalpost.  Weather does not cooperate.  When weather cooperates, pests do not, and worst, still, people one depends upon do not cooperate.  My father always said, the moment can defeat you or define you.  We have chosen to let this year define us, not defeat us.

To that end, amidst all the chaos and rubble, we are announcing the release of several new products, which we are very …