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"There is no education like adversity." ~ Benjamin Disraeli

2014 has started out with a bang -- and not a great bang, more like a devastating explosion.  It's been a month of a great many challenges, leaving us feeling dusty and worn out, much like the boots in the photo.

The plan is to remain focused and positive and to correct and resolve the issues.  That is one easy sentence to write, but not always easy to execute.  Needless to say, with respect to this blog's quote, we are feeling highly educated.

In an optimistic spirit, however, there are a great deal of positive things going on, such as a banner holiday season for the ranch online, our first entree into e-commerce, and at year-end, we were nearly sold out of everything.  A serious bout with the flu also provided the opportunity to get to work making more soap, sachets, bath salts, and there is great resolve to get back to work on the Tequila Pepper Grape Jelly.  My trusty companion spent a good portion of January traveling far, far away, came back, got in the car and drove t…