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"All of the flowers of tomorrow are in the seeds of yesterday." ~ Proverb

Everything is in full bloom at the ranch and the year is filled with promise. The vines are bursting forth with growth and getting ready to flower. The olive trees are nearly groaning with the weight of the flowers. For now, the lavender is quiet, but that can only last so long.

While all that is planted is doing its part for this year's harvest, the ranchers are already looking toward harvest and attempting to devise some better grinding appartus to eliminate the nights in blinding rainstorms kicking the olive crushing equipment across the driveway; shoring up winemaking equations that vexed us in the prior year; researching better yeasts; tasting and racking last year's wine and standing watch over it, vowing that it will continue forward on a successfu path.

Along with springtime comes a crush of work -- excuse the pun -- in the vineyard. The Zinyard was rototilled and weeding was done between all vines and all lower shoots were removed. Some clusters were also remov…