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"Some painters transform the sun into a yellow spot, others transform a yellow spot into the sun." ~ Pablo Picasso"

The rancho is going solar and will be home of 39 solar panels.   This author has wondered aloud how all those panels will mesh with the quiet majesty of nature at the rancho, but will apparently find out soon, because the engineers will be out to stake out the site over President's Weekend and then the engineering and permitting will begin, with some estimates placing installation as early as March 23rd.  Some coordination and inspection with PG & E will be necessary in order for their approval of said project, at which time, the rancho will be given the go ahead to flip said switch. 

While the ultimate goal was clean energy independence and self-sufficiency, the basic hope is that when we flip a light switch, the lights go on and the well continues to pump water to the house.   Air conditioning in summer would be a close runner up. 

It would be a happy day, indeed, to be able to report that this phase of planning and building at the rancho will conclude the numerous projects …