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“It takes a long time to grow young.” ~ Pablo Picasso ~

Being a cycling enthusiast and to celebrate his milestone birthday, Brian decided to ride from his home to the ranch, approximately 250 miles.  His four friends, Chris (x 2), Matt, and Josh accompanied him on this journey, which took from Tuesday until Friday afternoon last week. 

Not only did Brian's ride require exacting detail, but the planning logistics for all the festivities required countless hours spent by Michelle, which was an amazing gift to Brian on its own merits.  After the rigors of the ride, a lively celebration in town ensued at Lombardi's on Friday night, followed by a BBQ of major proportions at the rancho for about 70 of Brian & Michelle's friends and family, then followed by a brunch at Calcareous the next morning. 

Accomplishing a major feat for a birthday celebration appears to be a tradition in the family.  This ranch manager and her niece went to Italy for her 40th birthday and The Chief tried to best Pebble Beach recently for his 65th.